Despite Group Events


Woso Woho
Woso Woho this is our quarterly walk with our TV viewers, our Radio listeners and Patrons. It’s an early morning 10km walk with aerobics section with experts. We sometimes climbs the Aburi Mountain from Aye Mensah to the Peduase school Park for the aerobics or we walk from Achimoto Mile 7 to Abeka junction the shiphouse forecourt for the aerobics section. The event is well patronized. And it our small way of keeping our viewers and listeners healthy and also provide the opportunity for networking. Call it Bridging the gaps (Presenters, Patrons, Listeners and Viewers).

Easter Wiamose Giveaways
Easter Wiamose Giveaways; It’s a known fact that Osei Kwame “Despite” comes from Wiamoase, that’s the land of his birth, and it will not be well said of him if all his philanthropic gestures are just been enjoyed by the people of Accra in the Greater Accra region, so in view of that every year for his love for the Widows and Orphans he moves his entourage all the way from Accra to Wiamoase the Ashanti region to share love with his people. Some receives cars, cloths, money and many others. Last years 5 cars where given out and the cars are in well used by the winners for taxi, thereby feeding their families from the money from the taxi business.


Health Fair
Health Fair this is our annual event normally been organized on the 1st of July, which use to be a Public holiday (Ghana Republic Day). But with the scraped of the holiday anyway we are still working on a suitable date. So normally on the typical day on this event with the help of medical professionals from various field we do free medical screenings examples Breast Cancer screening, Prostate Cancer screening, Eye Screening’s, Hepatitis B, Checking Blood Groupings among other test and also with the help of the National Blood we also organize blood donation exercise to help save life’s in various hospitals nationwide.

This also another big event most people look out for because aside the health fair going on, we serve free breakfast, there are lots of side attractions music and fun and the give aways from our proud sponsors.


23rd and 24th December Free Bus Ride
23rd and 24th December Free Bus Ride as the name goes Free Bus ride, cars or buses are in high demand at that time of the year it’s Christmas, so to ease the pressure we scouts for locations that people will be mostly stranded and we make FREE buses available there for them. Over the years people have really enjoyed this and they look forward to it, because aside the free buses ride comes with loads of surprises.


Christmas Chicken and Rice:
Christmas Chicken and Rice: Christmas is time of giving and sharing we share the usual Chicken and Rice, plus This Way Chocolate Drink, Neat Fufu, Neat Abe, Special Drinks, Special Water all for Christmas and it’s given only the the Widows, Widowers and Orphans.

31st Watch Night Service
31st Watch Night Service, this we’ve been doing for that past 15years, it’s an annual event, every 31st of December we join a church be it orthodox or charismatic, have a live watch night service with them on both our TV (Utv)and radio (Peace FM) and as a company policy a token for the Widows in the church is presented on our behalf to the leadership of the church.


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